Thursday, August 25, 2016

GeekNation Releases Extended Teaser for ‘Northbound’ Season 2

Actor Nate Alwine (front) returns as Alex, and actor Phil Wentz (back) will be introduced as Danny in Northbound Season 2.
Entertainment site GeekNation and production company Lullskull Ltd. have released a brand new extended teaser for their ongoing Michigan-based post-apocalyptic webseries Northbound Season 2.

Made entirely in Michigan's under-represented Upper Peninsula region, the 1M+ viewed Season 1 followed a lone father, Alex, as he traveled a post-cataclysmic winter landscape, and fought savages and Allied Command, a military force with a mysterious science agenda, all to protect his comatose daughter Crystal. Season 2 continues with Alex and Crystal falling in with a peaceful community led by Pastor Wallace, a man seeking answers as to what caused The Cataclysm. As Wallace works to maintain a fragile cease-fire with a rival militia known as The Firewalkers, certain incidents cause the two groups to test the limits of their agreement and control over the North Woods.

The teaser below highlights the return of series regulars Nate Alwine as Alex, Callie Alwine as Crystal, and Mike March as Wallace. It also introduces some fresh faces: actress Kaitlin Paupore as a mysterious soldier named Ghost, and actors Joe Stevens as leader of a militia known as The Firewalkers, and Phil Wentz as Danny, salvaging partner to Alex.

In order to bring audiences the next chapter of this bold, action-packed, post-apocalyptic web series, a live Kickstarter campaign is underway.

Below are special messages from series Co-creator Seth Anderson and project supporter/Michigan native Steve Mariucci:

Production on new episodes begins in the late fall 2016, with an exciting 4-episode opener airing in the early winter 2016-2017 on

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