Wednesday, August 3, 2016

‘Horror Hotel’ the Movie Breaks Tradition with Family Friendly Tales

Award winning series, Horror Hotel, an anthology featuring unusual tales spanning sci-fi/mystery and suspense reminiscent of The Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock, has released a new feature film on Amazon Prime that can easily be enjoyed by the whole family.

The series first gained recognition upon release in 2013 winning numerous awards in festival circuits including Outstanding Series, Directing, Score, Sound Design, Cinematography and more. The first season saw a run on Hulu, DirectTV, AT&T U-verse, xfinity, msn videos and more quality platforms.

The second season screened to a sold out crowd in Atlanta in 2015. "We were looking for a way to increase our exposure and bring the films to more people" says creator Ricky Hess. "There are more opportunities for distribution with a feature film so we decided to combine our new episodes into an anthology feature".

Horror Hotel The Movie contains a collection of 6 new intriguing tales that includes aliens, clones, psychos, brain swapping, and a futuristic world without men. All laced with humor and devoid of vulgarity or graphic horror. If you are looking for a splatter film, look elsewhere.

Horror Hotel is a family run production with creator Ricky Hess working side by side with mom, Debbie Hess/Producer and dad, Al Hess/writer. All the cast and crew hail from the Atlanta and surrounding area. "We are very proud of the tremendous talent that has contributed to our productions from the large pool of professional film folks that call Atlanta home" says Ricky. "Our goal has always been to give them a platform with successful distribution to showcase their abilities and something to be proud of."

Horror Hotel is currently in production on a new third season.

Watch Horror Hotel The Movie for FREE on Amazon Prime here.


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