Tuesday, August 9, 2016

OutliciousTV Releases Second Season Finale of ‘Disposable Teens’

OutliciousTV announces the release of the 5th and final episode of season 2 of Disposable Teens, a dramatic web series about a runaway gay teenager.

Episode 10 in the series Austin (Chris Jehnert) is in a desperate state and runs back to Madison (Lucio Nieto), who previously used Austin in pornography shoots, and begs to come back as being with Madison seems more stable to Austin. What happens next brings some closure to the series but leaves the door open for a possible third season.

Disposable Teens is about a gay teenager named Austin (Chris Jehnert) who is forced to run from his home after coming out of the closet. Last season he ended up becoming prey to a charismatic pornographer named Madison (Lucio Nieto). This season he has found his way into the club scene with the help of cute drug dealer named Houston (Tyler Begnoche) and a charming club promoter named Orlando (Evan Reed)

The last episode of the season launched August 8th. Watch it below.

OutliciousTV has more LGBT content in development. A decision on whether there will be a third season of Disposable Teens will be made by first quarter 2017.

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