Thursday, October 13, 2016

‘Flying High With Charlie’ Halloween Special Released

A Flying High With Charlie Halloween special is now streaming.
On Thursday, OutliciousTV released a brand new Halloween special for its hit LGBT comedy series, Flying High With Charlie. The series follows a gay flight attendant, Charlie (Brandon Salerno), as he searches for love and the turbulence along the way. Watch this newest episode here!

In this Halloween Special, Charlie and Wendy (Iliana Inocencio) stumble upon a haunted hotel after their flight and meet the very creepy manager, Benny (Timothy Dunn). Zombies attack and hysterical chaos ensues!

Watch below.

Flying High With Charlie has received over 125,000 views and is available on YouTube and Amazon Prime. Brian Pelletier, owner and founder of the channel, has created and directed a wide variety of amazing LGBT content which can all be viewed here.

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