Thursday, October 6, 2016

‘Max Compact‘: ‘Heroes’​ Meets YouTube Makeup Vlogging in New Comedy Series

Max Compact minisodes are currently available on Facebook. 
“We’re trying to catch the Uber driver that gave us powers!” Max shouts into the camera as she and her group of friends race down the sidewalk. It’s been a week or two since Max discovered that she has the power to see the future… whenever she puts on makeup. The diverse group of friends running behind her include her soon-to-be-doctor husband Jordan, who is more excited about her powers than anybody else, his skeptical best friends, brother and sister duo Gina and Ian, and the newest member, Lily, who reached out to Max after discovering her own “power.”

This is just the beginning of the adventure that Max and her friends go on in the new comedic web series, Max Compact, created by NYU Tisch grad Jo-Dean Roark (Dorm Therapy, Hello Cupid Reboot), who writes, directs and edits the series. The season-preview, or sizzle reel, opens with Maxine (aka “Max”) creating a makeup tutorial video on YouTube. Immediately after applying eyeliner, her eyes glow white and she has her first vision of the future.

The show is cute, quirky and utterly hilarious as Max invites us all into a world filled with ordinary characters dealing with half-baked superpowers, all of whom are pushed into an adventure worthy of a Marvel movie—a must watch for any viewer who has enjoyed The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Heroes, or any of the diverse YouTube reality stars.

“I really, really love to make people laugh,” Roark says. “And I also love watching makeup tutorials and couples vlogging on YouTube. Max Compact is my way of creating a narrative within that format. Max is such a real character to me—her awkwardness, her clumsiness, I just love her.” By funding the first episode, sizzle reel, and subsequent promotional minisodes out of her own pocket, Roark has been able to make the show her way, including hiring fellow Tisch alumni to join the cast and working with Emmy award-winning Lizzie Bennet Diaries producer Jenni Powell to find the right crew.

“I’m so excited to be a part of the amazing team behind this delightful series and I’m very proud of the diverse cast and crew on this project,” Powell states. Starring Giullianna Martinez as Max and Michael Bow (best known for his YouTube channel: MikeBowShow), the series depicts an interracial couple through familiar videos like “The Husband Tag” and “Husband Does My Makeup” with a superhero twist.

Roark is anything if not ambitious and her excitement for the world of Max is infectious. “For me, it’s all about creating quality content that maxes out the potential of this interactive media space—pun intended,” she laughs. “I want to reward the audience that dives into the YouTube and new media experience. Max Compact is going to be much more than just a single season. It’s going to be a whole universe.”

You can catch the sizzle reel and the first minisode on the Max Compact Facebook Page​ now. Like the page and stay tuned for three more minisodes set to debut in October 2016. Series coming soon!

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