Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dark Workplace Comedy ‘The Sessions’ Set to Premiere November 1

Grant Kretchik stars in The Sessions.
On November 1, Louise Loves Louise Productions will launch the first season of The Sessions, a dark comedic, workplace web series that follows a group of “eccentric” therapists and their patients at the Illuminated Horizons mental health clinic in NYC.

Never following a one-size-fits-all approach to therapy, Illuminated Horizons is proud to employ a roster of therapists who all have different approaches and styles. As a result, the therapists seem to be crazier than their patients. The Sessions’ eight-episode arc goes behind closed doors following each therapist during their intake process, when they first meet their patient and get a general assessment of how to care for them. Several awkward, sweaty, inappropriate “sessions” ensue.

The show is produced by Elba Sette-Camara, Denyse Reed, and Grant Kretchik, who also stars.

“Something that’s continued to stand out to me in the field of psychotherapy is the need for the practitioners to be engaged in their own therapy. I've met therapists that have never been in the other chair but boy did they need to be,” Sette- Camara said. “The process was a dream come true. It was reunited friends from grad school in a positive and fun environment where creativity thrived! Each character is so unique and over the top you really don't know what to expect next.”

Watch the trailer below.

Find out more about The Sessions at


  1. Thank you for the post Roger we are excited to premier!


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