Monday, December 5, 2016

‘Or So the Story Goes: Golden Rule’ Trailer Released

A trailer for the new season of OSTSG has been released.
Prepare for a killer season as Or So the Story Goes brings you a new story that you'll have to see to believe-a teen slasher twist on Rumpelstiltskin!

The community of Kingstown must fight for their lives when a masked killer begins targeting those close to the girl that once got away. Time is ticking as the local police department find themselves taunted with riddles and a clear message on how long they have to find the killer before he takes what he deems his. Three days.

Watch the newly released trailer below.

Or So the Story Goes is a horror web series that began as a teen enrichment program and is known for its use of youth in the cast, crew & soundtrack. As an anthology series, each season spins a modern, scary take on a story from classic children's literature.

In the past year, the series has traveled to comic cons around the country with panels and screenings and won an Indie Series Award for "Best Original Song" for the series theme song in 2016. The upcoming season, "Golden Rule" is a love story to 90s teen slashers and welcome back many familiar faces from past season. It is also OSTSG's new Director of Photography, Trevor Peckham's first season with the series.

Or So the Story Goes Credits
Created by: Melissa Malone
Directed by: Theresa Labreglio
Written by: Theresa Labreglio, Melissa Malone & Bryan Civitarese
Director of Photography: Trevor Peckham
Produced by: Outtake Productions
Starring: Melissa Malone, Rainni Moran, Hank Morris, Bryan Civitarese, Diann Gogerty, Colmcille Donston, Rayna Loos, Penelope Hinds & Joe Lenihan

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