Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Perrine Productions Launches Comedic Web Series about Marriage

Funny Married Stuff is from Lony’e and Peyton Perrine II.
A brand new web series, Funny Married Stuff, created by and starring long-time married Hollywood couple Lony’e and Peyton Perrine II launched this November in hopes that other couples will start talking about marriage. The series follows Lony’e and Peyton Perrine II poking fun at one another while navigating through the confusing world of marriage and parenthood. This web series is a parody on their daily lives, as they try not to drive each other crazy dealing with topics of image, sex, communication, finances and parenting. In the series, the cast of friends and extended family are just as crazy as Lony’e & Peyton, as they navigate their own issues and relationships while playing parodies of themselves.

Peyton Perrine II, a first-time actor was inspired by his wife and the recent stories surrounding Hollywood break-up’s to create a series to help other couples stay together.

“I was tired of hearing about all the Hollywood breakups and marriage horror stories. So, with a challenge from my wife I decided to write about funny stuff (good and bad) that happens everyday in a marriage. My intention was to show that any situation in a marriage can be reflected upon with humor,” said Peyton.

Lony’e Perrine, a veteran actress best known for her roles in ABC’s Castle and most recently CBS’ Criminal Minds wants to show a positive side of marriage and let other couples know that it is still possible to keep a marriage alive in Hollywood.

“As an actor I want to be able to use my voice for change and inspiration! So, doing a web series that shows positive images of marriage in the black community was right up my alley. Contrary to what is shown in the media we do exist! And I said positive, not perfect. We want to provide a show that people could relate, see themselves in us, and take away a little nugget that may help them in their marriage. Plus it was a chance to work with honey!”

Watch the trailer below.

Funny Married Stuff launched on November 12th with a new episode released every week. For more information on the web series and updates please go to www.funnymarriedstuff.com.

About Funny Married Stuff

Funny Married Stuff was created to inspire those looking to get married and to remind married couples that although marriage is hard, it’s worth figuring out. The show combines improv humor and relatable situations with a touch of marital lessons. At the end of the day it’s all about living, learning, and laughing with the one you love.

About Lony’e and Peyton Perrine

Funny Married Stuff is the first web-series for Perrine Productions. Meeting one night quite randomly in a Philly bar on $0.25 drink night has left Lony'e and Peyton together ever since. Peyton liked her brains, beauty and booty. Lony’e thought he was cute, smart and had a good heart. “Team Perrine” – started as a joke during the couple's engagement and grew into a supportive lifestyle and motto for them and their two kids.

Communication, humor and compromise has helped Lony’e and Peyton love and support one another's goals and dreams.

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