Monday, December 12, 2016

Time Travel Series ‘Relativity’ Premieres Today!

Relativity is now streaming.
Relativity, a joint venture between Undead Burrito Productions and Millennium Hand Productions, is officially live!

The best part? It's immediately and totally binge-able! To get the full experience, Relativity is designed to be watched in three different orders- following characters Candace, Perry, and Erin on their respective time travel journeys.

You can absolutely watch them in whichever order you like, but writer and director Chris Cherry suggests the following:

Candace (played by Michelle Agresti)

Perry (played by Jon Esquivel)

Erin (played by Dana Shiree)*

* Note: This timeline has an alternate ending not available in the other two playlists.

Find out more about Relativity at

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