Monday, May 1, 2017

‘Katie & Shaun’ to Depict Realities of Living with Anxiety and Depression, Premieres May 26

Independent production company, Something Pretty, is releasing its debut show, Katie & Shaun, on YouTube on May 26, 2017.

Katie & Shaun is a dramatic web series that depicts the realities of living with anxiety and depression. With 70% of Americans suffering from a mental illness or disorder, the filmmakers hope to speak to a wide audience with accessible web shorts that shine a light into some of those dark places.

The show was created by husband/wife duo Matt Thomas (Writer) and Susan Allen (Director). It stars Meghan Maguire (The Late Show with David Letterman) as Katie, and Ricky Goldman (Were the World Mine), It Seems To Hang On, One Percent More Humid) as Shaun.

Episode One premieres on YouTube on Friday May 26. To receive the URL for Episode One and all subsequent episodes as soon as they are released, please join the mailing list at Preview links for all eight episodes will be available to the press on May 16 - please see the instructions at the bottom of this release.

“The story follows two people looking for connection, who discover their own minds in the process. By illuminating their struggles with anxiety and depression – which are often confusing or debilitating, sometimes downright frustrating, and yet just one part of who they are – we hope to foster a deeper understanding of mental health, and its role in human experience.”
– Susan Allen, Director

About Katie & Shaun
Katie & Shaun is a series of six-minute dramatic web shorts about living with anxiety and depression. We see Katie and Shaun in sessions with their psychologists as well as out in the real world, demonstrating tolls that their conditions take on their lives, the strategies they employ, and the lies they tell themselves to cope. As Katie and Shaun start up a relationship, they are forced to come to terms with their relative conditions, and contemplate the personal growth required to be happy.

About Something Pretty
Something Pretty is the New-York-based independent production company of husband/wife duo Matt Thomas and Susan Allen. Something Pretty believes in a life well-expressed. We collaborate with passionate storytellers and craftspeople to bring moments to life through the power of film.

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