Monday, May 15, 2017

‘Man Friday’ Launches Indiegogo Campaign

A hilarious new web series, Man Friday, from the Grey Paper Crane Network, is launching its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for its series zero.

Man Friday follows a ragtag group of plumbers-cum-spies who find that there is more to fix than sinks. Evelyn, an undercover agent, Friday, a cryptic ex-hacker, and Matt, a clueless ex-field op, form the handyman service team: ‘Man Friday: Anything and Everything’.

The three bond throughout the series, despite Evelyn’s shifty actions, Friday’s mysterious PTSD, and Matt’s absolute - yet adorable - cluelessness.

What started out as a hasty idea inspired by an ad in a local newspaper, Man Friday is the brain-child of writers Bertha Lee​ and Nemo Martin​. Drawing on the absurdist humor of feel-good spy-comedies, this web series combines the ridiculous incompetence of an inept plumber with the ridiculous competence of superspy assassins.

“Series zero... has a lot of mystery to it. In a lot of ways, it sets up a lot of questions without giving away too many answers. But definitely look out for amazing humour, rotting corpses, and budding romance...,” says Nemo Martin.

In a week that's seen malicious cybercrime, this web series is incredibly topical, re: internet safety, person security, and the dangers of the internet. The series also addresses the lack of faithful representation (Westernised Asians and gender nonconforming people) in the media.

Man Friday aims to show mainstream action/spy comedies can have genuine #representation, where people who are LGBTQIA+ or people of colour are not the punchline, but instead are integral to the story.

“These characters are going to make you laugh and charm their way to your heart. As a writer, I wanted to be challenged to write comedy that I laugh at. I think laughter is important to life, but I find most comedies make sex jokes, racist jokes, or archetypical jokes. They always felt too easy and unkind. I just wanted to do something funny but not unkind. When Nemo and I came up with the concept we were laughing so hard and making so many gags that it just had to become something. I feel Nemo and I like to laugh at similar things,” adds Bertha Lee.

The crowdfunding campaign for Man Friday launches May 15th to raise funds for the four-episode series zero. It is the second production from the Grey Paper Crane Network, a not-for-profit arts organisation. With the cast now finalised, production is slated to begin in June 2017, episodes to be released on YouTube in August.

If you’d like to support and watch this incredible project come to life, visit the Man Friday - Series Zero Indiegogo campaign here!

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  1. This looks amazing. I will indeed watch this series when I'm done with my online classes. I was using Facebook, and there I saw an image in which it was written: "We Do Your Online Class" at lower rates. For a moment, I was stunned as it was the only thing I searched, and it popped out on my screen. Damn! A.I. is too clever. Anyways I will check this series and see how it is made.