Monday, May 8, 2017

‘The Charlie Orange Show' Set to Premiere May 17

The Charlie Orange Show is a hidden camera, man on the street web series exposing society's deepest flaws through the eyes of three drastically different characters: Charlie Orange, Brenda the Bride, and Fat Barbie. Think Girls Behaving Badly meets Da Ali G Show!

The series is set to premiere on Wednesday, May 17, with new episodes and alternating characters every week through early July.

About the characters:
* Charlie Orange: With blissful ignorance of the social norms that govern our lives, this mute character is an embodiment of the affection and attention we all desire.
* Brenda the Bride spends her days scouring the community in a wedding dress for her future mate. Through her journey, she forces people to confront the pressure placed on women to be married by a certain age and how life should fit the status quo.
* Fat Barbie: After being kicked out of the dream house for not looking like the rest, Fat Barbie finds herself in a new world. Hoping for a fresh start, she encounters the same obsession with appearance.

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