Wednesday, September 6, 2017

First Season of Comedy ‘But Ya Know What I Think?’ Streaming Now

After four years of some of the most advanced theatre training in the country, Jason, Zach, and Corey find themselves back where it all began: in their mothers' homes in New Jersey. The six-episode first season of But Ya Know What I Think? has just been released on YouTube and can be viewed on the show’s website,

Created by Jason Cohen and Zach Miller, the show follows three over-trained and under-employed actor friends who pursue their big dreams while dealing with the comically harsh reality of being broke and living at home in the suburbs. Part-sketch, part-mockumentary in structure, each episode deals with a subject relevant to the three characters, such as money, wasting time, or meeting women, with the characters of Jason, Zach, and Corey being larger-than-life versions of the show’s creators. Though the series is viewed through the lens of being an actor, the underlying themes and humor of post-college struggles will resonate far beyond the theatre world.

Watch the first episode below.

But Ya Know What I Think? is produced and written by, and stars Corey Mosello, Jason Cohen, and Zach Miller.

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