Sunday, September 3, 2017

‘Taley Time’: New Original Fairy Tales with a Bit of Skepticism

Brand new traditional-style fairy tales make their way to the web in the new YouTube web series, Taley Time. Host Charles Scrivens (played by R. Max Gibson) adds his own commentary as he tells the tales, struggling to come up with learning moments and often questioning the fairy tale characters’ decisions.

Each week features a self-contained tale with stories ranging from light-hearted and comedic to horrific and dark. However, all episodes have a comedic tone as Charles Scrivens breaks down the stories with a modern lens.

“Fairy tales, and children’s entertainment in general, has changed drastically in the last hundred years,” says Gibson. “Telling the stories on YouTube creates the opportunity to insert the storyteller’s opinion and contextualize darker elements that have gone missing from fairy tales.”

Watch the trailer below.

Visit the Taley Time YouTube channel here.

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  1. I'm so excited to hear about this new series of fairy tales! It's so important to keep the tradition of fairy tales alive, as they are such a big part of our culture. They provide us with an opportunity to learn about different cultures, customs, and values.