Tuesday, October 24, 2017

‘Educated Fleas’ Web Series Premieres on Vimeo

What do you wish you were taught about sex? This question is the engine behind Mae Smith and Emily Hornsby’s new sex positive comedic web series, Educated Fleas. The first four episodes (of six) are now out on Vimeo. The fifth episode will be released tomorrow at 3PM!

Educated Fleas follows Ruth, a woman in her early thirties who, almost by accident, starts professionally giving the "birds and bees" talk to the children of wealthy NY parents. Each episode involves a sex talk with a kid and then re-examines the topic of that talk through the lens of an adult sexual relationship in the life of Ruth or her friends.

Making this series has been an adventure! As Mae and Emily were writing, they talked to many friends about their horrifying experiences (or lack thereof) with sex education. For example, Mae was taught that sex was a really tight hug, and subsequently didn’t hug a boy until she was fourteen. Ruth is the voice for all of the things they wish they were told as kids.

"Ruth has a complicated relationship with sex and love while also being an advocate for sexual empowerment," said star of the series Crosby Fitzgerald. "I think a lot of people can relate to having that complex dichotomy of thought."

“Making Educated Fleas helped me take ownership of my own sexuality. Drawing on my own sexual mishaps and complexes to create relatable stories was cathartic and gave me confidence,” says Emily.

“The subject of the show really opened everyone up to talk about their issues with sex, birth control, and various forms of dysfunction. It was really therapeutic for all of us, and I’m proud that the final product reflects the empathy we afforded each other on set,” said Mae, who also directed 5 of the 6 episodes.

Mae is currently a fellow in the inaugural Writers Guild of America's Made in NY Writers Room program, and Emily is the showrunners’ assistant on Showtime’s Billions. They met and fell in platonic love while working at a talent agency.

Cast member Al Pagano wrote of the series: “There is a lot of distance between people today and finding a bridge to bring people closer is something we're all looking for. Fleas goes deep into the study of human need. Only the best comedies are able to do that.”

The remaining episodes will be posted on Vimeo over the next two Hump Days at 3PM! If you’d like to reach out to Team Fleas, email them, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, or visit their website!


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