Wednesday, January 31, 2018

NOMINEES: 9th Annual Indie Series Awards


30 Categories Honor Social Relevance, Artistic Merit, Excellence in Craft

NEW YORK, NY, January 31, 2018 – The nominations for the 9th Annual Indie Series Awards were revealed on Wednesday, January 31. The ISAs celebrate the best in independently produced entertainment created for the Web. Nominees were announced in 30 categories.

Ladies of the Lake led all series with 18 total nominations, followed by The Bay with 16. Those shows will compete in the Best Drama Series category with AnacostiaGiantsL.A. MacabreRiley ParraRunning With Violet and Teenagers.

Filth City led all comedies with 12 nominations. The series is joined in the Best Comedy Series field by 190 LorimerThe Amazing Hoolister ParkBad TimingDear MankindHow to Buy a BabyIndoor Boys and ThreadBare.

The first ever category for unscripted shows was added this year.  Competing for Best Non-Fiction Series are 1 Minute MealHaunt MEVintage America with Ginger and Where I Don't Belong.

In all, there are 44 nominated series from around the globe: United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Singapore and Uruguay. Crystal trophies will be presented to the winners during a gala ceremony on April 4 at The Colony Theatre in Los Angeles. The two-day celebration includes a launch party, red carpet reception, press walk, presentation ceremony and official after party.

Since 2009, the Indie Series Award has honored the most creative and progressive talent in independent web series. 

The Annual Indie Series Awards is an initiative to elevate the entire indie series genre, organized by the nonprofit Indie Series Network. All proceeds from entry fees, ticket sales, program ads, etc. are reinvested in the production of the event. ISA9 is produced by We Love Soaps LLC (Crown Heights, Brooklyn) in cooperation with the Indie Series Network ( and media partner Serial Scoop. 

The nominees are:

Best Drama Series
The Bay
L.A. Macabre
Ladies of the Lake
Riley Parra
Running With Violet

Best Directing - Drama
Dan Ast, L.A. Macabre
Sonia Blangiardo, Ladies of the Lake
James Bland, Giants
Gregori J. Martin, The Bay
Lindsay McKay, Running With Violet
Sonja O'Hara & Dan McBride, Doomsday

Best Writing - Drama
Anthony Anderson, Anacostia
Dan Ast, L.A. Macabre
James Bland, Giants
Michael Caruso, Ladies of the Lake
Marie-Claire Marcotte & Rebecca Davey, Running With Violet
Gregori J. Martin, Karen Harris, Anne Schoettle, Julie Poll & Wendy Riche, The Bay

Best Lead Actor - Drama
Anthony Anderson, Anacostia
Kristos Andrews, The Bay
Aidan Bristow, L.A. Macabre
Ryan Hellquist, L.A. Macabre
Kyle Lowder, Ladies of the Lake
Kyseem Roberts, Oldhead

Best Lead Actress - Drama
Tamieka Chavis, Anacostia
Kate Conway, Out With Dad
Marem Hassler, Riley Parra
Jessica Morris, Ladies of the Lake
Karrueche Tran, The Bay
Corsica Wilson, L.A. Macabre

Best Supporting Actor - Drama
Raymond Ablack, Teenagers
Brandon Beemer, The Bay
Levi Jennings, At Bay
Wil Lash, Anacostia
Eric Nelsen, The Bay
Andreas Wyder, Or So the Story Goes

Best Supporting Actress - Drama
Olivia Baptista, Here We Wait
Jillian Clare, Ladies of the Lake
Jade Harlow, The Bay
Lindsey Middleton, Out With Dad
Maeve Quinlan, Riley Parra
Brandy Redd, L.A. Macabre

Best Guest Actor - Drama
Tremayne Norris, Anacostia
Thomas Calabro, The Bay
Bruce Davison, The Bay
Chad Duell, The Bay
Ian Buchanan, Ladies of the Lake
Paul Eiding, Riley Parra

Best Guest Actress - Drama
Jennifer Bassey, Anacostia
Patrika Darbo, The Bay
Patrika Darbo, Ladies of the Lake
Dee Freeman, Anacostia
Arianne Zucker, Ladies of the Lake
Judi Blair, Anacostia

Best Ensemble - Drama
The Bay
L.A. Macabre
Ladies of the Lake

Best Comedy Series
190 Lorimer
The Amazing Hoolister Park
Bad Timing
Dear Mankind
Filth City
How to Buy a Baby
Indoor Boys

Best Directing - Comedy
Gastón Armagno, The Amazing Hoolister Park
Cameron Fife & Andy Goldenberg, Bad Timing
Andy King, Filth City
Molly McGlynn, How to Buy a Baby
Victoria Rowell, The Rich and the Ruthless
Natalie Smyka, ThreadBare

Best Writing - Comedy
Andy King & Danny Polishchuck, Filth City
Wendy Litner, How to Buy a Baby
John Loos, John Loos: Too Big For This World
Dan Perlman & Kevin Iso, Flatbush Misdemeanors
Victoria Rowell & Jamey Giddens, The Rich and the Ruthless
Natalie Smyka, ThreadBare

Best Lead Actor - Comedy
Andy Goldenberg, Bad Timing
John Loos, John Loos: Too Big For This World
Dan Perlman, Flatbush Misdemeanors
Wesley Taylor, Indoor Boys
Pat Thornton, Filth City
Alex Wyse, Indoor Boys

Best Lead Actress - Comedy
Lisa Ebersole, 37 Problems
Meghan Heffern, How to Buy a Baby
Alesha Reneé, The Rich and the Ruthless
Paula Rhodes, The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy
Natalie Smyka, ThreadBare
Rachel B. Joyce, Royally

Best Supporting Actor - Comedy
Gastón Armagno The Amazing Hoolister Park
Michael Colyar, The Rich and the Ruthless
Tom Costello, ThreadBare
Percy Daggs III, The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy
Andy King, Filth City
Michael Perrie Jr., F’d (another effing web series)

Best Supporting Actress - Comedy
Juliette Danielle, The Room Actors: Where Are They Now?
June Diane Raphael, ThreadBare
Kathleen Phillips, Filth City
Victoria Rowell, The Rich and the Ruthless
Medina Senghore, Friend Therapy
Jacklyn Zeman, Misguided

Best Guest Actor - Comedy
Jim Beaver, The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy
Devin Field, Doin' It
Frankie Grande, Indoor Boys
Chris Kervick, John Loos: Too Big For This World
Michael Litchfield, Valet
Zac Titus, Bad Timing

Best Guest Actress - Comedy
Patrika Darbo, Indoor Boys
Emma Hunter, How to Buy a Baby
Becca Levine, John Loos: Too Big For This World
Mindy Sterling, The Room Actors: Where Are They Now?
Caryn Ward Ross, The Rich and the Ruthless
Leslie Watkins, Doin' It

Best Ensemble - Comedy
Filth City
Ownself Check Cloneself
The Room Actors: Where Are They Now?
The Rich and the Ruthless
Secs and EXECS

Best Cinematography
David Chung, Riley Parra
Fiorella Occhipinti, ThreadBare
Jonathan Pope, Valet
Rodolphe Portier, Ladies of the Lake
Michael Schneider, Dear Mankind
Matthias Schubert & CJ Brion, The Bay

Best Editing
Andy Goldenberg, Bad Timing
Rodolphe Portier, Ladies of the Lake
Idris Talib, Ownself Check Cloneself
Brian Wilson, Riley Parra
Nick Nordfors, Haunt ME
Floris Asche & Woitek Konzal, Dear Mankind

Best Costume Design
Jeanie Cameron, Other People's Problems
Michael Caruso, Barbara Caruso & Kyle Lowder, Ladies of the Lake
Vanessa Fischer, Filth City
Andy Goldenberg, Bad Timing
Bob Miller, The Bay
Lea Schneider, Dear Mankind

Best Makeup
George Barr, Roads To Keystone
Ren Bray & Leanne Mucci, The Bay
Alexa Camargo, Bad Timing
Jen Fregozo & Jennifer Corona, Ladies of the Lake
Malia Miglino, L.A. Macabre
Jessica Panetta, Filth City

Best Production Design
Dan Ast, L.A. Macabre
Michael Caruso, Barbara Caruso & Kyle Lowder, Ladies of the Lake
Tom Chamberlain & Dipu Bhattacharya, The Pantsless Detective
Katie Moest, The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy
Cassie Vance, Riley Parra
Florian Wolf, Dear Mankind

Best Special/Visual Effects
Andreas Schmidt, Dear Mankind
Max Macdonald, Filth City
Jamie Dickinson, Here We Wait
Robert Chapin, The Hunted: Encore
Steve Hannigan, Tinsel's Town
Kiwi Callahan, Where I Don't Belong

Best Soundtrack
Judith Avers, Or So the Story Goes
Henrik José, Dear Mankind
Paul F. Antonelli, Ladies of the Lake
Andy King, Matt King & Andrew Ferguson, Filth City
Ginger Pauley, Vintage America with Ginger
Samantha McNeilly, Kaya Pinto & Aimee Bessada, How to Buy a Baby

Best Original Score
Ken Corday & D. Brent Nelson, Ladies of the Lake
Adrian Ellis, Out With Dad
Miles Ito, Here We Wait
Matt Lajoie, Haunt ME
Mike Meehan, L.A. Macabre
Poor Paul, Filth City

Best Original Song
"45" from Or So the Story Goes, written by Judith Avers
"Baffled" from Giants, written by Bethel Solomon
"Here" from Here We Wait, written by Paulina Vo
"It Only Takes One Bite" from The Hunted: Encore, written by Preston Max Allen
"Living the Dream" from Ladies of the Lake, written by Ken Corday & D. Brent Nelson
"Lost" from Giants, written by Drew Anthuny

Best Non-Fiction Series
1 Minute Meal
Haunt ME
Vintage America with Ginger
Where I Don't Belong

18 Ladies of the Lake
16 The Bay
12 Filth City
11 L.A. Macabre
10 Anacostia
Bad Timing
Dear Mankind
The Rich and the Ruthless
7 Riley Parra
How to Buy a Baby
Indoor Boys
The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy
John Loos: Too Big For This World
Here We Wait
The Amazing Hoolister Park
Haunt ME
The Room Actors: Where Are They Now?
Or So the Story Goes
3 Out With Dad
Running With Violet
Flatbush Misdemeanors
The Hunted: Encore
Ownself Check Cloneself
Doin' It
Vintage America with Ginger
Where I Don't Belong
1 Minute Meal
190 Lorimer
37 Problems
1 At Bay
F’d (another effing web series)
Friend Therapy
Other People's Problems
The Pantsless Detective
Roads To Keystone
Secs and EXECS
Tinsel's Town


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