Thursday, May 3, 2018

Mockumentary Web Series About Space Travel, ‘My Astronaut,’ Premieres Today

Micah wants to be with Maggie, but Maggie wants to go to Mars. Can their love survive her one-way ticket to another planet? “My Astronaut,” an eight episode mockumentary web series, answers the question of what one dim-witted boyfriend does to keep his girlfriend from leaving and his life from changing forever. The trailer is out now, and the pilot will premiere on May 3, 2018. The series features comedians Scott Adsit (30 Rock), Sarah Stiles (Get Shorty), and Pia Glenn (The Opposition with Jordan Klepper) in supporting roles.

Season one starts with two bewildered filmmakers arriving to profile Maggie Placek (Magdalena Waz), an underdog candidate for a civilian mission to Mars, but they soon find that her boyfriend, Micah Pevsner (Micah Paisner), might hold the key to a story far more compelling than a simple 30 second candidate bio. Shot in 3 out of 5 of New York City’s boroughs, the “My Astronaut” team took full advantage of everything the city had to offer including iconic locations like the Staten Island Ferry and the Columbia University campus, and less iconic locations, like the Red Hook IKEA and the sleepy neighborhoods of Staten Island.

“Shooting guerilla style gave us the opportunity to have our characters interact with rich environments,” says Nick Weiss-Richmond, one of the series’ creators and directors. “It blended seamlessly with the improvisational elements of the story.”

The eight episodes of season one will premiere once a week on YouTube and Vimeo every Thursday.


BJ Downs is a multiple award-winning cinematographer and VFX designer. Inspired at an early age by science fiction movies, he quickly developed an affinity for the visual arts. Since, he has produced commercials for several international brands; including Adidas, Mad Decent, and BMW. He also has worked on several award-winning independent films, helping to bring the director's creative vision into reality. Now, he is pioneering new effects and workflows for VR; driven by the pursuit of incredible immersion.

Micah Paisner is a Los Angeles-based screenwriter who hails from Chicago. From an early age, he was interested in comedy, and after graduating from Lawrence University, he enrolled in Second City Chicago's sketch writing program. He relocated to New York to get his MFA in Screenwriting at Columbia University. His scripts have been chosen as finalists in multiple contests, and his most recent film "You, Me & Me" (2016) has screened in festivals across the country.

Magdalena Waz moved from Kraków to Chicago to Wisconsin to Ohio to New York to Los Angeles. She's a writer and editor whose articles, essays, and fiction have appeared in Threadcount, Necessary Fiction, and The Collagist. She holds an MA from Miami University (Ohio) in creative writing, and her debut novel, Return on Investment, was published by Fiction Attic Press in 2016.

Nick Weiss-Richmond is an LA-based writer, director and editor originally from Boston, Massachusetts. Recent projects include the short “Molly Mayor” (2017), an official selection at Charlotte, Atlanta Shorts, Woods Hole, New Hampshire, Great Lakes and Santa Fe Independent Film Festivals. He holds an MFA in directing from Columbia University and has taught at various institutions, including Adelphi University.




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